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"A journey of a thousand steps must begin with a single step.” - Chinese Proverb

Soul Trekking Through the Dark Night
[Kindle Edition]:
  A great read. The author has many life's challenges and still comes out on the other side with a positive attitude and strategies for moving forward. She includes resources for those who are stuck in depression or mired in what most would consider a hopeless situation. I found it totally inspiring.
~ Review by Seymar


A review by —Carol Anna, writer and editor:

Barbara J. Butler’s Soul Trekking Through the Dark Night is a starkly honest account of immense sorrow— incredible courage and new beginnings.

Powerfully emotional, Barbara’s soul-searching journey through her life’s darkest hours—which included family violence and a devastating brain injury—is also deeply spiritual. Hers is an amazing tale of perseverance, survival, acceptance, and reinvention. As she learned to let go of her old self, she discovered a new Barbara born of recovery, gratefulness, and beauty. On the wings of her spiritual nature, she has found a new life of jubilant independence.
Now a successful author, speaker, and minister, Barbara dedicates herself to guiding others through their own times of profound change—whether brought on by hardship or happiness. Soul Trekking Through the Dark Night is an expression of her love, as she wraps clear, practical advice around her own story. Each chapter ends with strategies used plus lessons learned that are brief, insightful acknowledgements of the silver linings that can be so difficult to recognize within the depths of change.
For those who are moving toward a new life, Barbara’s is a trek worth taking.
—Carol Anna
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From the wisdom of Yogi Berra: “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

Thinking Out of the Box:
  Strategies for Handling Change Workbook
A review by Patty Zeitlin Pacific Northwest author:

"1,000 kudos" to you for accomplishing such a well organized, attractive and helpful book, especially for those who can't get organized (which is most of us:)  I think the quotes really offer food for thought and for getting up and doing something about what you want to do, and they also offer encouragement for what might seem like some daunting tasks. You've offered plenty of ideas for alternative approaches, a practical, efficient way to keep track of what you've accomplished (or not) and lots of organizational and reading resources. .Well done!  
Patty Zeitlin, Award winning author, songwriter, and poet

        Patty Zeitlin is the author of short stories, books, seven children’s musicals,  seven recordings of original songs for children, and one of for adults. Her songs have been performed and/or recorded by Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Marni Nixon, Fred Penner, Sharon, Uncle Ruthie, Lois and Bram, Mister Dressup, Tony Saletan. Tickle Tune Typhoon, and others.
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Also a review by
Barbara A. Martino,  Psychotherapist Treating Psychological Trauma:
"An easy-to-use book that can be picked up or set down as needed. The strategies and charts will help keep you on track while moving through life's changes."

Thinking Out of the Box (sample pages) offers:

  • Self-paced workbook and resource
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Track progress
  • Immediate health and lifestyle impact
  • Goal-directed strategies

“Whether you lost your job, your partner, your family, or yourself – are depressed, anxious, on the edge or just simply stuck – this manual will help you motivate and organize yourself into the next evolutionary spiral of your personal growth. Written by a master of the task of change, Barbara J. Butler provides the means to help you continuously get there.”
   - Barbara A. Martino
     Psychotherapist Treating Psychological Trauma
     Stratford-on-Avon , England UK

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