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"A journey of a thousand steps must begin with a single step.” - Chinese Proverb

Thinking Out of the Box:
  Strategies for Handling Change Workbook
An easy-to-use book that can be picked up or set down as needed. The strategies and charts will help keep you on track while moving through life's changes.

Thinking Out of the Box (sample pages) offers:

  • Self-paced workbook and resource
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Track progress
  • Immediate health and lifestyle impact
  • Goal-directed strategies

“Whether you lost your job, your partner, your family, or yourself – are depressed, anxious, on the edge or just simply stuck – this manual will help you motivate and organize yourself into the next evolutionary spiral of your personal growth. Written by a master of the task of change, Barbara J. Butler provides the means to help you continuously get there.”
   - Barbara A. Martino
     Psychotherapist Treating Psychological Trauma
     Stratford-on-Avon , England UK

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